Monday, October 18, 2010

Blogger Update: Victor & Wiktor, Bryanboy, Joey, Mike

So, what are my favorite bloggers up to? Time for another "blogger update"!

Victor Blanco

Victor was the main feature of El Dominical, El Periodico's Newspaper Sunday supplement. 
The article chose a few fashion bloggers who simply spoke up, among them my fave wearing his trademark stilettos, this time bright, un-concealable red.

He has published the complete, very entertaining story... but in Spanish only. 


Minimarket Spring Summer 2011

During his stay in Sweden, blogosphere celebrity and non-stop traveler Bryanboy payed a  visit to the Patriksson showroom, where he browsed through several Scandinavian designers. He ended up trying on this wonderful printed spring coat by Minimarket.


Gorgeous Wiktor, a professional model,  is always posting images of his own dazzling looks. And that's enough for him to have a complete army of followers and admirers around the globe. 
He tastefully styles himself, toying with different garments, always elegant and refreshing.


The same goes for my newly discovered Joey M, who's displaying here a beautiful (and I dare say quite manly)  Vivianne Westwood animal-print dress.

His daily fashion experiments are all worth seeing.

Mike Magallanes


Mikey is wearing one of his wonderful skirts here, somewhere around Manila. He and his pal Karl are working on a new promising enterprise. I've already referred to it in my last "update":

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