Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dark Stuff

Dark Material

Photography Dinah Hayt 
Styking Rene Gloor
Model Jeremy Dufour



  1. I want to know about different types of wigs of Remy lace and hair pieces . I hope your blog is very helpful for me in this purpose. Your close cooperation will remain for ever, thanks.
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  2. My dear Shabaz: I hope you find some useful posting and pics in this blog. This is not a blog about wigs or Hairpiece per se, but they can definitely be the finishing touch in a New Male's appearance.
    There are in fact some few entries in which wigs play the starring role: Prince Poppycock's wig:
    Larger-Than-Life wigs by Ronan Percher:
    Jean-Paul Gaultier's wigs:
    Punky wigs by John Tan:
    Take care!
    (By the way: are you Brazilian?... just wondering)