Thursday, October 28, 2010

Street Scenes Around the Globe: America, Europe, Asia


This easy Utilikilt was nonchalantly worn by this young man on a subway ride.
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Paris is the cradle of all fashions, even the uncommon ones. 
This proud-looking, easygoing young man in blue posed for

Wiktor, a professional model and creative blogger, is wearing here a Jean Philippe top, Zara shirt, 5th Avenue Shoe Repair pants, Zara leggins, Church shoes and Uniqlo bag.

Young men in skirts are no longer a rare sight in the streets of Tokio. This lad's combining his pleated skirt with a colorful oversized jacket and tee. Not calico enough, he chose gold sneakers an a purple bag. A large necklace made of giant black beads completes the styling. I love it! 

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Immense Skirt
AD H., a 29 years old guy, displays his skirts around Taipei only. 
Fortunately for us, though, he frequently posts his pics at

Raf Simons Men Skirt
Yet another "lookbooker", Joey M., a 27 years old fashionista from Honk Kong, showed off his sense of style during a visit to London. 
He wore a Raf Simmons Male Skirt. 
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