Monday, October 4, 2010

Martin at the Window

Photography Michele Yong



  1. I do read ur blog, and i do so with pleasure!

  2. cool pics of Martin ;) I find you blog interesting, would you like to exchange links, I am also a blogger & unconventional male model, please send me an email. thx Viki

  3. The pleasure is mine, Wiktor, since, as you probably know already, I'm also a frequent visitor of your blog and also enjoy it very much. Thanks for the comment!

    Miss Viki: Your blog's magnificent! I didn't know it at all... a real treat! (And you look beautiful as well: I hope you don't mind if I re-blog some of your pics!) Of course I'll add it to my blog-list and I'd feel honored to have a link on your blog.

  4. Thanks for your reply, Juan, and it would be a pleasure for me if you re-blog some of my pics, more pics to follow ;) Have already added you to my blog links :)