Saturday, October 15, 2011

Blogger Update

My favorite personal bloggers have been dashing with activity lately, displaying their tremendous imaginativeness and dynamism. But what I'm particularly fond of, are the images they post of themselves. These are just a few, but worth a thousand words each! 

Joey Ma

Joey's wearing  Vintage West top and wrap-skirt,  and Church shoes.

Karl Leuterio

The inventive Philippine nurse-turned-fashion designer is dressed in a blue Oxigen top, COS skirt worn over Topshop pants, and showing off the most wonderful Asian Vogue high-heeles boots.


He's displaying his new, ample Cosmic Wonder Light Source shirt, combined with Comme des Garçons drop-crotch pants.

Party Weirdo

This guy prefers not to post his every-day outfits (one wonders how creative they might be!), but rather shares with all of us his "dressing-up" sessions which, needless to say, amuse me very much. 
These are a few of his most recent exercises in styling creativity. 
The pieces go from a DIY gauze dress to as Japanese robe worn as a skirt. 
Most of the items are second had: so much for creative recycling!

Paak Chan

I also enjoy Paak's pics in which he shares his daily outfit. 
He posts almost every day!
Here he's wearing a Des.sert biker jacket, Jimmy Chu leather leggings and Gee' WaWa "claw" boots.


This gorgeous lad has finally been featured as a model in a professional photo session (it was about time! see above), but I wonder if I don't prefer his own more simple pics, the ones in which he shows his incredible skills for makeup.


Well, these are just a few of my faves. I'll leave the rest for another "blogger update".  
Check them out!