Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ladies Man

May 2008 Issue

Photography Wee Khim
Styling Sharon Tulasidas 
Models Carlos, Daniela

I just came across this wonderful edit, published a few years ago, in which a female model, Daniela, is cast to display menswear. The results are magnificent, but not too surprising: she looks gorgeous of course, but not too far removed from what a beautiful lady could actually wear in the street without being labelled a "tomboy" or even "loosing her femininity" by our modern standards.

What does come as a surprise is that a male model (Carlos, above) is called to display clothes that our society still considers "womanswear"; classic black dress, stilettos and all. 

Is he loosing any of his "masculinity"? If so... why? Who decides who gets to wear what?

Let's point out that this edit was published a couple of years before the big break of Andrej Pejic, the celebrity-femboy-model who's pioneering the trend: males modelling female clothing... and eventually wearing it themselves? 


Daniela does look great in "male" clothing, one should admit...

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