Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hourani Unisex

Spring/Summer 2012 
Unisex Collection #8

The gender of the models is irrelevant in this collection, which is intended to be worn by either sex. 
So I'm pleased to have a female model here (One's Kirsten Owen) displaying clothes meant for us males to wear as well.

 "Consists of 1 garment in 6 fabrics= 22 looks",
claims the add.

You can confirm that in the video I'm posted under these pics.


Film direction and photography Rad Hourani
Styling Patty Wilson
Edition Andrew Macpherson
Producer Melissa Mattos, Elisabeth Lepage
Soundtrack Nico Muhly

Rad Hourani S/S 2012 (2)
Rad Hourani S/S 2012 (1)

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