Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Joey Update

This is my friend Joey Ma

My followers surely know him already, as he has frequently been featured here, so let me introduce him to the newcomers.

 I consider him my friend, in spite of not having ever met him in person, since we've exchanged several e-mails, share a common interest in fashion-freedom for men, and, most of all, because I enjoy so much his daily postings in which he displays his wonderful styles, that his image has practically become a part of my own household.

You shouldn't miss his postings either!

I'm always amazed at his inextinguishable creativity and also, let's face it, a bit jealous of the sheer size, variety, and quality of his wardrobe.

 For instance: check out the Gareth Pugh skirt-pants above or the Tata Christiane Jacket and Pier Atkinson hat below:

Vintage dress (above), Henrik Vibskov tunic (below):

Comme des Garçons skirt (above) Bellao Bastian cape (below):

He has also published several "street fashion" pics of himself out in the "real" world.
The same getup as above:

Or in Ground-Zero top, Americal Apparel stockings and Banal Chic shoes (below)

(Joey's personal blog)


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