Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blogger Update: Joey Ma

Photography, styling, model 
Joey Ma 

I guess at this point, most of my readers know Joey Ma, the Hong Kong based fashion blogger who shares with the world his creative, amazing, day-after-day looks on his wonderful blog.

He is gradually becoming a blogosphere star on his own right, on account of his images being reproduced once and again all over the cyberspace, and as he is ever more frequently asked to contribute with his styling talent and writing skills to several well-known publications. 

Joey has recently started a new posting "series", a very interesting undertaking in which he dedicates his "look of the day" to a single designer (or at most a couple of them).

Fight for Your Right (above l.)  Tata Christiane (above r.)
(Shoes: Westwood, Willhelm)

Christopher Kane (l.) American Apparel (r.)
(Shoes: Greyhound, Westwood)

Tata Christiane 
(Shoes: Westwood, Giacomorelli)

Vivienne Westwood
(Shoes: Rick Owens)

Vintage "African" look (l.) Daniel Palillo (r.) 
(Shoes: Willhelm, Hourani)


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