Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Out in the Streets

Photography Andrew Mukamal

Street fashion blogs show us that, without any doubt or question, the male figure is continually evolving (and not only fashion-wise). It's steadily advancing, emancipating itself, moving away from the conventional, boring, gray archetypes that our grandparents would acknowledge as "menswear". 

Could a man have been be caught, outdoors, during the day, in plain sight,  in any of these outfits some 20 years ago without causing a turmoil?

Take for instance the sleeve-less tux jacket, the leggings and the high heel boots worn by the gentleman above. Or look at the stylist Sonny Groo (below), who was photographed while calmly traversing the sidewalk in his spike shoes.

Photography Karl Edwin-Guerre

And what do we make of Trevor, the young man shown below? 
Is he cross-dressing? Is he trying lo look like a girl? 
Or is he just questioning the old, trite, archetypes with an even bolder push of the envelope?
I don't have the answer for that question. Nor do I think it's that important. 
I can only state that Trevor's a very brave young man, and that he looks absolutely stunning. 
That's enough for me.


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