Saturday, August 20, 2011

Old Magic

December 2007 issue 

Photography Mariano Vivanco 
Models Julian Hennig, Claudia Seiler 

Homotography,  a must-see blog in it's own right, has recently brought to our minds this edit, originally published four years ago by the fashionable British style mag Dazed and Confused.

At the time, the unbeatable Vivanco/ Formichetti  team had turned up with these wonderful images. 
I couldn't help but posting them here on my blog for my readers to enjoy.

published the competed editorial

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  1. Very nice creations which makes men more stronger when showing up with individuality, innovation and creativity. Finally men discover more their own body instead just covering it with a pair of pants. Even red lipstick looks pretty good, going with the nature….. in the nature all male creations are very colorful compare to females. Just go on with such good ideas.