Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Bryanboy wearing a blond afro wig in Copenhagen.

The celebrity fashion blogger tells us that, as always, he has been compassing the world from one renown fashion show to another. But this time he has also been relishing in wearing a couple of wonderful blonde wigs.

In fact, he has been seen wandering about Copenhagen in a large, blond, afro wig.

Bryanboy wearing a blond afro wig

"Never underestimate the power of a blond wig", he states: "It’s a great conversation starter. Not only it brings joy to the wearer, it also sprinkles a little bit of fun and fairy dust to the people around him/her/shim."

By the way: the floral getup he's wearing is his own design, tailored with  the fabric he bought India last month, remember? (See: The Wandering Blog)

"Once you go blonde, you never go black", he says, so he posed in other platinum-light-haired hairpieces which, he also points out, also served the purpose of keeping his head warm during the cool Scandinavian summer nights.

Maybe we should also try one on!

Blondest Boy on the Block

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