Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tokyo Street Flair

By any standards, Japanese young men should be counted among the freer from traditional social restraints when it comes to fashion. 
At least when we're talking about the lads circulating around the district of Harajuku in Tokyo. 

If you want to "blend in" with the guys there, you better wear skirts, dresses, makeup, or even high heels.

Are they also letting go the discriminatory attitudes towards females that used to practiced by their ancestors?
One only hope they are. Anyways, that's something we should ask their girlfriends... 

Traditional x Gothic Japanese Street Fashion

Kenta Ashi 
He's the one on the left (just in case...), a graphic designer.
He's wearing a skirt seemingly made out of a traditional kimono, and he complements that time-honoured Asian garment with several Gothic elements 

Luv Maison Jacket

You might want to visit Kenta's blog.
It's is Japanese, of course. 
But nowadays the browser translating widgets do all the hard work.

Pics from

110703-8131 - Harajuku, Tokyo, Poncho, Hakama, Geta

Kai, 19
He's a student. In his case, the traditional component is a pair of gheta sandals.
Also in a skirt, he complements it with a fun garment: some long blouse with a hood.

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Long Mikio Sakabe top w/ blue & white scarf

Ren, 20
Nothing goes better with leggings than a simple knee-length dress. I can tell!

Japanese Guy w/ Purple Hair & Rocking Horse Shoes

Enoki Yuta, 18
A specialty school student. Is it only me, or were these wonderful (and much desired) Vivienne Westwood platform shoes inspired precisely by traditional Japanese footwear!
They look great with purple hair!

Japanese Guy w/ Purple Hair & GlassesRings, Bracelet & Andy Warhol WatchVivienne Westwood Rocking Horse Shoes

Inside-out intarsia knit sweater

 Last but not least, this cool guy from Harayuku models a wonderful knitted pullover, with graced with pears and blossoming with flower sprouts.

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