Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fierce Queen

My readers' musical preferences are likely to be widely dissimilar, so I cannot tell whether Jefree's music (the self-appointed "Queen of the Internet") is to everyone's taste. 

But I'm pretty sure many of you will enjoy the looks of this model turned fashion-designer turned make-up artist turned DJ turned song-writer.

His popularity started on MySpace, with over 100 million plays on his self released music, his gender-bending looks, and his own fashion line.

His mother, a model, allowed him to play with her make-up when he was a child, and even to wear it to school... these are the results!

He gained popularity as an Internet personality. 

His MySpace photo shoots often got over 50,000 comments when posted, making him the site's most connected profile.

He also launched a career as a singer, releasing very successful single CDs (which can also be downloaded). 

His first complete album, Cupcakes Taste Like Violence, rated  sixth on Billboard's "Top Electronic Albums". 

His many tattoos are equally famous. 
In fact, he appeared in an episode of  LA Ink, a reality show that followed the events of a tattoo studio. 

As with any major celebrity, lines of Star's tee-shirts, hoodies and other merchandise products have been launched, and he is currently developing his own fragrance called "Fierce".

Jefreer Star on Tumbl'r

(Featuring SHINee, Korean band)
(Korean Teen Group)
(Polish singer)
(Prince Poppycock)

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