Tuesday, January 3, 2012

He's No Lady

February 2012 Issue

Stylist George Antonopoulos
Photographer Moo King

Some of my followers have suggested that I should stop posting Andrej's editorials, as he is no longer a male model, but, given the course his career has been taking recently, rather a full-fledged female.

I dissent, though. 

As long as he will remain biologically a man (and I really hope he will for a long time), I'll consider "Miss" Pejic to be a male. 

A New Male, actually, albeit a quite extreme one.

For now, let me leave those arguments behind, and focus on the glorious images published by this Canadian mag.



  1. I think all transvestites/transgenders/transsexuals really love all this. (Don't have a problem with that.) But be honest, this has nothing to do with being a "new male". It's about men pretending or wanting to be (or look like) women. I loved this site a lot, but not anymore.

  2. My dear friend: I should admit that my recent posts have been a bit "over the top". On the other hand, that may just be indicating a trend of the industry. Not that a New Male should be a cross-dresser, buy rather that the world of fashion is finally accepting those (so-far) neglected groups you've mentioned.

    Anyways... I personally think that these extreme pushes of the envelope will end up being a healthy thing. If consumers at large accept, or at least tolerate, these radical styles (trans-styles, if you wish), they will be more inclined to assume less outrageous fashions for men, i.e., skirts, heels or dresses in a less "feminine" context.

    Anyways, thanks for the comment!