Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stas and Yegor

Catching up with
Yegor Vorobyov
(Male) Models




  1. I'm happy my humble blog inspires you ;)
    One thing: this is not Stas or Yegor, it's Darell Ferhostan. Another androgynous beauty ;)

  2. Why, thank you, my dearest Katalepsja! You already know I follow your blog closely! I think it's wonderful. (Sometimes I wish it had a bit more of info, though). Thanks for the correction. Darell was misidentified in the blog from which I got the pic (not your blog, of course). I guess now I'll start following him as well! Take care, and my best wishes for 2012!

  3. Pretty cool!!! They look amazing!!! Love the makeup and the Bowie tshirt!!! I have to find that!!

  4. Lovely Fe-Males, jealous (man)

  5. Amazing,

    when I grew up in the seventies I would have loved to wear something like that, but it was nearly impossible in the nowhere of a small german village. I hope that one day every boy and girl is free to wear anything they want to. I have been suffering from the misstreatment and the missunderstanding and It makes me happy to see things changing.

  6. I have to echo the sentiments expressed above and thank New fashion for sharing these beautiful images. As someone who has for many moons drifted back and forth across gender boundaries in my attire, and who has ventured into "straight" venues many times challenging fashion conventions, I love the idea of a totally fluid attire... if I feel like wearing jeans and a flannel shirt, I will... and if I feel like wearing sequins and stiletto heels and going for as glamorous a look as I can achieve, I will do that, too!

    Here's a set of photos of me, on the left from a couple of months ago, on the right from last week:

  7. I Absolutely Love, Love, Love It!!! These are Beautiful examples of Gods Gift to all of us! I wish Idiotic peole would let go of thier fears and hang ups about what a boy should and should not wear, or a girl for that matter. Who the F@@K cares?? I wear what I want when I want!! These Beautiful people are a shining example of Love and Creativity!! Brava!!

  8. Dear Katalepsja

    Do you know anything about Yegor Vorobjov? I read that she has transitioned from male to female. But I cant find anything. Maybe you know much more. She (or than He)is mindblowingly beautiful.
    And your blog is amazing. Thank you!

  9. I think they're gorgeous. I love this.