Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year with Joey

My dear cyber-friend and fellow free-fashion advocate and blogger, Joey Ma, has just published his favorite looks among those he's shared with us in 2011. 

One of them is a really cool pic, which he designed specially for this blog. He states in it (above) that he is a New Male (and he is one indeed!) 

See more pics in his original posting:

From what I've seen, 2011 has been quite generous with Joey, as he has become a well know Internet personality. He has contributed to several fashion-blogs and e-zines besides his own, his individual style has been featured on many interviews and articles, and to crown it all, he has even debuted as a model in a real runway for Wut Berlin


(External links)
Joey interviewed by Cover (in Danish) 
Joey reporting for ASVOF 1
Joey reporting for ASVOF 2
Joey interviewed by Fashion 156
Joey contributes to Wondermode
Joey featured in Vicestyle

(featured in this blog)

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