Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Guy Thing

After a row of "sissy" postings featuring the world's leading "femimen" wearing styles that, more than androgynous, could be described as utterly feminine, I'm now restoring the balance with a virile, men-only product, intended for alpha-males such as sweaty wrestlers, womanizing play-boys and other manly men.

It turns out that your average macho man is now wearing nail-polish. 

But don't get confused: we're not talking here about that girly enamel in bright shades of pink or red, but rather tougher applications in black, in matte hues of discreet colors, or sturdy metallic coatings that can be worn during your work-out or while picking up girls. 

Now, to be honest, a question assails (just as with "guy-liner" and other make-up for men): what's the real difference between these and their "feminine" counterparts, other than the choice of colors or simply the manufacturer's statement that they are "for men"?

Anyways... I think it's really a good idea to cover up any displeasing yellow toe-nails...


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