Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jonathan's Dress Code

The Downside... 

Back in 2009, a 16-year-old boy, Jonathan Escobar, created quite a stir when, after only three days of attending North Cobb High School (outside Atlanta, USA), he was kicked out of his school for dressing "too much like a girl"

Paradoxically enough, Jonathan had moved to live with his sister after his parents in Florida disapproved of his clothing. 

The school officials claim that he was violating the school's dress code, which bars "disruptive" clothing. 
They told him he had to dress "more like a male" or he wouldn't be allowed to attend. 
During that time, he had not even worne any dresses or high heels. 
Just skinny jeans with flats... but yes, pink wigs and makeup. Was that so "disruptive"?

Anyways, several of Escobar's classmates supported his attempts to be allowed back in: 
"If a girl can dress like a guy but a guy can't dress like a girl - that's not right."

I guess many of my reader's looks (and my own, of course) have also been perceived as "disruptive" at some point. 
Do you have any stories of your own you'd like to share?

Send them in!

A Facebook group was put up back then, and it still gets positive messages once in a while.
It has reached almost 2500 members.

What has become of this New Male? 
Was this brave youngster finally allowed to resume his studies? 
Or was he compelled to "homeschooling" just because of his clothing choices? 
Worse still, was he deprived of his right to receive a normal education just because of some silly prejudices?

I'd love to know...


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  1. I'm all for gender equality. Man, Woman, Boy,Girl. We're all equally capable and should be able to dress or wear what we want to wear. Gender should be irrelevant even in clothing and fashions, hell we live in 2012 not 1840's. Woman can wear what they want and have enjoyed this fashion freedom going back to the late 30's. So why are men forced to wear what I call a uniforms that we see every year on the runways in the stores? IT's long over due for men to enjoy the same fashion freedom that woman have enjoyed for over 70 years. If a guy wishes to be feminine in dress because this what he wishes who should care, it's only clothing and clothing should not be gender based. Ho I know what your thinking, this guy is gay but your wrong I have an open mind and after all it's 2012 not 1840 and it's time to tell the church and state to go to hell, it's only clothing and your not going to hell if a woman wears pants or a guy wears a dress and high heels.