Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nipponese Youth

H>Fractal Top & Oversized Jacket in Harajuku          

The uttermost originality and outrageous sense of style of young Japanese lads can suprise even... me!

And I'm not talking about runways and high-end fashion shows here, but about everyday, street-styles, specially around the youthful, happening Tokyo quartier of Harajuku.
Just take a look at these teenage, street-smart Japanese fashion-shoguns!

 Black Furry Hat on Harajuku Guy       

This guy's black furry hat, grossly oversized jacket and drop-crotch pants definitely caught my attention as I browsed thorugh Tokyo Fashion News, one of my favorite blogs. 

Crown Skull & Other Silver Rings

And I'd simply steal his rings if I had a chance!

What I liked the most about Amuca, a 24-year-old fan of a local dark punk band, is his makeup, together with his platinum-blonde hair. 

I don't care too much about his many piercings and forked tougue,... but I do love his skinny pants!


Source (again)

Otamase displays an unreproducible, hand-made, colorful style: the sleeves for his jacket were made out of pants! Anyways.... it all works fine with his black leggings and Reebok sneakers.

You can follow his tweets.

Another street-fashion blog I follow closely is Japanese Streets, which has just published this pic of  Naomichi Munakata, a young student who wears his coat in such a way that it looks like an over-skirt or kilt. 

Ken Uchizumi, a 20 year old student, is also waering a furry hat, together with a beautiful Number Nine Sweater and extra-broad Nozomi Ishiguro pants. 

More pics at

Iccho is a fashion blogger who's seemingly loves to wear his shirts as Schottish kilts. 
But what I find particularly enjoyable are his platform sandals!

Follow hiis blog:


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