Thursday, December 1, 2011

Paul Boche

Paul Boche

Is it only me, or fashion freedom for men is really becoming a major trend in the industry? 
Stylists and designers "steal" garments from the "other side of the aisle" and unbiasedly attire young male models in skirts, high heels and other items that conventionally were labelled as "feminine".
Good for them! (And for us!)

On the other hand, menswear (i.e. clothing conceived and constructed as such) is at long last getting it's share of innovative design, colorfulness, and flair, attributes that were only reserved for the ladies wardrobe.   

More importantly, the public at large is learning to finally accept "androgyny" as a legitimate feature of humankind. In fact, it has been part of us human beings since the beginning of times, be it in an public or in a concealed manner.

The Western world, especially the Judeo-Christian tradition, has in general condemned "epicenity": boys have to look like boys, and girls like girls. "Gender-bending" was seen as a threat to reproduction and the very survival of our species. (Nowadays the human race is facing the exact opposite threat: an excessive reproduction and over-population. I guess the time is ripe to let go those prejudices)

But gender-ambiguity has not always been disapproved of. On the contrary: many cultures, during different periods of their history, have actually exalted it. Starting with the myths of a primitive Androgyne, to the "cross-dressing" of priests, and the adoration of hermaphrodite kids, several human societies have shown their approval of "gynandromorphic" creatures (and some still do).

Anyways... I guess that's enough history for a single sitting.
The truth is that androgyny is getting quite fashionable nowadays.
In fact, some males opt for openly exhibiting their feminine side, to the point of displaying feminine clothing on the runways.

 Those new-bred "femimen" showcase clothing intended for a feminine audience (one assumes) 
But, who knows, maybe some lads will follow their example and get some of the items for themselves. Perhaps even combining them with traditional-looking "male" clothing!

And the results can be stunning. 

What I'm present here as "exhibit A" is just a single but very handsome example of what I'm talking about. 
German model Paul Boche is no "femiman", but, without loosing any of his masculine attributes, he has no problem in posing in styles that would have been tagged as "androgynous" by our grandparents.
The sign of our times!

A New Male sure is evolving...

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  1. Paul is one of the most versatile male models of all time. He can look like a beautiful woman without a lot of styling, but usually he looks like a guy... btw on the 5th photo it's Viggo Jonason, not Paul :) Another stunning german model :)

  2. Thanks, my friend! Thank you so much for the input. I'll correct my mistake. (Boche appears on that edit, but I posted the wrong picture... silly me! sorry) Take care!

  3. basically the word Mannequin is derived from the Felmish wprd Manneke, being a little man showing apparel regardless of the gender, so basically what the men presented often in this blog do is nothing new.