Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Guy's Thing

Step One: Guyliner

If you're a "metrosexual" (whatever that means, really), a gay guy, a punk rocker, an Emo, an actor or a drag queen, you probably know already how to apply eyeliner around the contour of your eyes, and maybe also how to add color to your eyelids, enhance your cheekbones, rouge your lips or even transform your countenance entirely by means of make up.

But, if you're new with cosmetics and want to give them a shot, you might start experimenting with Guyliner, or, let's call it more properly, eye-liner made for men (which, one presumes, has the exact components of the one made for women).

The Dandy Project, a fine blog devoted to fashion adventurous guys (like us), offers step by step tutorials:

How to

Great tutorials, Izzy... I'm sure many of my readers will find them useful, although I bet most of them are already beyond that point... they could write more advanced tutorials themselves!


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  1. great eyes it makes. Why men shouldn't have it ?

    A gurl admirer to New Male way