Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dreaming of a White Wedding

Model Chris Arundel

Wedding dress by New York Vintage

In spite of the fact that marriage, as an institution, has been much discredited in recent times, many girls still day-dream about their wedding, the ceremony, the perfect match.

What's probably more startling, however, is that nowadays it seems that some boys also anticipate their own great day. Not only do they fantasize about all the the hymeneals, the flower bouquets, the candles, the rings, like the lassies of yore used to do, but they also envision themselves in that most symbolic garment, the one that most vividly represents  the whole nuptial ceremony: the wedding dress.

And I'm not talking here about the long- raddled, boring tuxedo customarily worn by the bridegroom, but actually about a real, fancy, wedding gown, pristine-white, ecru-shaded or in ivory-hued silk, with laces or frills, veil, train and all. Yes: the one that has so-far been worn only by the (female) bride.

Earlier this year, Jean Paul Gaultier brought about quite a stir in the world of fashion when he decided that none of the girls, but a male model, the polemic "femiman" Andrej Pejic, should display the wedding dress he had designed as a bright closure for his spring collection. 


Not surprisingly, after that success, Miss(?) Pejic has been portrayed as the "bride" several times


German designer Marcel Ostertag also decided to have a male-model presenting his wedding gown: himself!


Australian designer Anthony Capon, winner of the Aussie version of Project Runway in 2009, tells us (in his blog) that he has designed a nice outfit to be worn by the bridegroom: a black dress, complete with high heeled boots.


What will you be wearing as you march down the aisle? 

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