Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pejic for Hema

Mega-Push-Up Bra


Can there be a better way of promoting a push-up bra that having a (breast-less) man display it's benefits?
While Andrej regularly models female clothing, or at least those items conventionally regarded as such, it did come as a surprise that a Dutch label chose him to publicize the utmost feminine garment: one designed to enhance a most conspicuous female trait.

Given the product's efficiency, blatantly shown by the images, larger breasts might be also become available for the gents (after all, large biceps are at the ladies' disposal nowadays).    


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1 comment:

  1. *sigh* I don't know. Looking feminine is one thing, but a bra? - This is not about "new male fashion" anymore, it's about a piece of clothing that is exclusively for girls (unless you have gynecomastia, a case where you probably don't want to emphasize your breasts by adding two cups).

    "New male fashion" is about breaking the stereotypes. Skirts or heels do not serve any anatomical purpose. Bras where designed to shape and keep something up that males simply don't have. For me, I am drawing the line here.

    Andrej should just get over it and get a sex change. I don't buy anymore that someone who models for lingerie feels like a male, not even a gender-bending one.