Friday, November 26, 2010

Back to the Classics

Patti + Robert

Photography and model Christian Brylle

Brylle shot his own countenance for this editorial homaging the legendary duo formed by the controversial homo-erotic photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and singer Patti Smith "the grandmother of punk".

For my younger readers, I should point out that the tumultuous and fascinating relationship between Mapplethorpe and Smith, back in the seventies, produced many polemic pictures of Patti, in which she seemed to be exploring her "masculine side": her animus, Carl Jung (who was so happening by then) might put it. Some of of the photographs ended up as covers for her albums. In fact, the songwriter called Mapplethorpe "the artist of my life". 

In 1969, Patti's voice narrated Sandy Daley's film Robert Having His Nipple Pierced, starring, of course, Mapplethorpe. One guesses that it was in Brylle's mind's eye when he shot his wonderful self-portrait above.

Below, the "real life" Smith and Mapplethorpe during their stormy relationship: 

The rest of the editorial appears at

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