Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Real House Wife

Lawrence Washington

Real Housewives of Atlanta's newest cast member, hairstylist Lawrence Washington, is turning Bravo Cable reality TV series upside down with his stylish and original choice of clothing, particularly his unavoidable high heels.

His fashion choices have been labelled as "cross-dressing", understandably enough. But maybe it's about time for us to reconsider those terms. Why can a woman wear whatever she pleases, while a man wearing heels and makeup is perceived as a cross-dresser? May it not be that some of us guys are simply starting to be more honest and genuine, presenting ourselves in public as who we really are, with all those feminine traits we all conceal within ourselves, rather that the way conventions dictate a man should look like?

For me at least, Lawrence is no "cross-dresser". He is a New Male, so he definitely belongs here in this blog! 

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  1. Whether it is crossdressing or not in my opinion not only depends on clothing.
    The way of self-expression and posing in his case tells its own story.

    I think the clothes can be worn by a man...

  2. i think this shows that patriarchy is a myth. As an increasing number of woman enter the work force, they are realizing, "like wow it sucks." They hate it... Duh. The reason why women of antiquity didn't rule the world is because they didn't want to.

    On the other hand, if men did rule the world, why can't we wear whatever we want and be done with it. i'll tell you why... because women know what's important and they have kept the good stuff, like the feeling that comes when you know you are beautiful, to themselves. They gave men the really sh___ job of figuring out how to pay for it.

  3. What an interesting comment! Thank you Amanda. I might disagree on several points, but it's wonderful to have some dissenting ideas.