Sunday, November 28, 2010

Martine Rose S/S 2011

Martine Rose
Spring/ Summer 2011 Menswear Collection

Photos from Vogue


  1. Skirts for men? Yes!!! But why combined with trousers? Why should I match the disadvantages of trousers with the disadvantages of a skirt?

  2. Dear Juergen: Skirts or even dresses worn over pants were a major trend among girls several years ago, at least where I live. They did look kind of rebellious and cool on teenagers: enjoying the comfort of jeans without loosing the flair of skirts.
    My guess was, back then, that the combination should also look good on boys and that it could be a first step for a guy who's never worn a skirt before.
    Anyways: It all works for me: just skirts, just trousers, both in combination or "skirt-pants" or kilts... anything, as long as it looks good.
    I wouldn't wear trousers under my skirts myself, but I've worn them with leggings sometimes.
    Thanks for posting!
    By the way: I like your site. Too bad my German is so poor...

  3. Hello Juan,

    I don't know what's the better way to introduce skirts or dresses, but also colours, different materials (for example transparency) and patterns into male fashion: step by step or everything available at once?

    I beleive there's no better way! People are different. So there are some people you'll be successful with piecemeal tactics, and others need the full program.

    So it's good if you propagate such fashion step by step, and others will do larger steps. Only there should be more dressmakers propagting this fashion, especially by wearing this theirselves. And their should be more purchasers of commercial chains confronting this fashion bravely.

    By the way: your finger nails are marvellous!