Friday, November 5, 2010

Street Scene: Going East

Once in a while, I gather street-fashion from different sources. 
These are the few most recent ones:

The kilt in the first pic ends up looking quite conservative when compared to what other bolder free-stylers are displaying on the streets elsewhere around the world, specially the Japanese gentlemen in the last few pictures. "Ex Oriente Lux", I guess...


Start spreading the news: New York, New York!


Posted by Justincase at Chictopia (The largest online community that gives everyone a voice in fashion). 
A totally amazing Commes des Garçons skirt, beautifully matched by black Just in Case shoes.

Alternatives for Men

Hong Kong

Joey M displaying his very unique style at a cocktail party.
Not really out on the streets, but still in a public place.




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  1. Why shouldn’t men wear skirts and high heels? If a woman wears a suit or something men usually do there is no one who cares. When a man wears something that looks a little bit like female fashion then it is against the rules. Remember in the beginning of the last century women had been fighting for their rights and it has been unladylike to wear a pair of trousers. That women have not reached all the rights they should have is out of the discussion but men should also have their rights. If they want to wear leggings, skirts and all that stuff let them do.