Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kingly footwear

Feminist activists back in the seventies used to claim that high heels, restricting in movement and at times painful to wear, have been symbols of masculine oppression over females along the centuries. 

By having their women tip-toeing around them in heels, men would have their subjugated partners under control, unable to run away. Or so they asserted.

As a male high-heels wearer, I have to dissent. 
There's so much more to high heels than "tired feet" or the alleged inability to run (unless you're really an expert, such as Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in "Some Like it Hot").
The wearer can actually feel "in command" rather than submissive, and no other garment brings such poise and elegance to your stride. (Provided that you know how to handle them!) 

Small wonder that kings and emperors of yore wore them often...
It was about time for fashion designers to bring them back to their menswear collections. 
So gentlemen, you better start practicing...

King Louis XIV of France was only 5 feet 4 inches high,
but he would add some extra six inches to his stature
by wearing his celebrated "souliers de taquet".
Quite a fashionista!

These are only a few of my favorites...


As worn by...

Prince Charles ...

... and the designer himself. 

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Ricky in his own Owens

Last but not least, my very favorites: Gareth Pugh's trademark B/W wedges. 
I don't think the designer, groundbreaking though he is, ever conceived them  for men to wear, but some of the boys are already giving them a try:


  1. not really my shoes, but better than shoes you usually can find in men's corner

  2. It's about time to bring back High heels for men and keep them...

  3. I agree with Lorraine, about time too. I am male and wear heeled boots and are very comfortable. I wear them daytime more than for evening wear.

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