Sunday, November 21, 2010

Today in History

Designer Lina
Faldas en Hombres
("Skirts in Men", literally)

Photography Martin Okuemotto

Blanca Gallego

Leslie Marion's nice photostream at Flickr (Alternatives for Men), a "celebration of alternative fashion and style for men as expressed by clothing, assessories, hair styles, makeup and attitude" recently drew my attention to the closure show at Moda Sevilla last year.

The exhibition centered around the skirt. Not all the designers seemed to be attempting to re-introduce it to the male wardrobe, but rather, a couple of times, to take it as a symbol of feminineness.  In such cases, whether we're talking about validating our "feminine side" or paying an homage to female clothing is something that's not too clear to me.

Whatever: some guys do look fantastic in those skirts! 

They go from the traditional "masculine" approach, the kilt (Antonio García), to a piece made up with  neckties as though stating "this is for a man to wear"(Daniel Carrasco). 

Or, as below, just a fun garment in the red and yellow hues of the Spanish flag, a skirt probably no one would wear for real. 

And also some garbs that seem to me a nice and feasible addition to our wardrobe. (In that category, I'd include Lina's ultimate Spanish skirt, a legit "female skirt for men", but I guess not everybody would agree!) 

Carmen del Marco and Roberto Rojas
Miguel Reyes
Daniel Carrasco
Antonio Garcia
Molina Moda
Pedro de la Rosa

Pol Nunez
Petro Valverde



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