Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blogger Update

I have not one, but several favorite bloggers, whom I love for what they post. 
But some of them I also love for their sheer good looks!
And they are New Males in real life too: they have no problem wearing skirts, high-heels, or make-up in public, nor, needless to say, to publish their awesome looks on their blogs.

These are only three of them: 
I chose some pics almost randomly among the most recently published.

A model, hair-dresser and stylist for whom "too much is just enough".
This is what he recently wore to go out... what does he wear while he's blogging, one wonders?

Shares with us his awesome experiments with make-up!
Her's not only extremely cute, but also a gifted make up artist!


And, last but not least, Karl, a creative designer and photographer from Philippines, has been recently showing-off his footwear... his collection is enviable enough! 


Brian Evalle fin-like-heeled (or rather heel-less?) boots


Virtal Mae Nautica shoes


Left: Anton Belardo skirt/ Michiko heel-less shoes. 
Right: Underground boots

A visit to his very own fashion brand is also due:

Other cool bloggers
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  1. oww thanks for yer continued support. I love u anmd i love yer vision//
    thanks so much