Friday, July 8, 2011

The Wandering Blog

Some of my favorite bloggers are also seasoned travelers, and their journeys ad up to the excitement of visiting their web logs. And it goes without saying that they do so with style! 

Take Joey Ma, for instance, the author of Individuality, one of the most exciting fashion-diaries around. He is now visiting Spain, and, after having posted many stunning photographs of his stay in Barcelona, with beautiful vistas of the Sacred Family, the Picasso Museum, the Gothic Cathedral, and La Pedrera, he is currently in Madrid, which foretells even more wonderful pics.

Among the images, the ones we specially enjoy, of course, are those featuring his unique, unparalleled style.


It's not a suprise that Bryanboy is tripping. He always is. His blog is continually taking us from one fashion-show to the other, all around the world. But this time his non-stop fashion-jaunting has taken him to India, and that very fact, of course, has inspired our wayfarer many exceedingly elegant, slightly exotic, and particularly beautiful getups:   

India Golden Triangle Tour - Fatehpur SikriRoadtrip from Jaipur to New DelhiBryanboy wearing a turban outside Amber Palace, Jaipur

Where will he take us next?


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