Monday, July 25, 2011

Land of the Free


Shirt Weekday 
Skirt Zara 
Shoes Max Mara 
Vintage bag 

Max is a German student. He was photographed close to the Brandenburg Gate. In his bright colored boat-neck tee and his elegant skirt, he unmistakably measures up to the standards of a New Male. 

If one is to judge from  this guy's getup and his well trimmed eyebrows, one could conclude that the wall dividing male and female fashions is finally falling down, just as the infamous wall which divided Berlin: his looks would have been unthinkable when the ill-famed wall was first erected in 1961.

In November 2009 a  "Festival of Freedom" took place close to where this pic was taken, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

May we celebrate Male Fashion Freedom as well!

Mode Freiheit für alle! 


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  1. That's the way of new menswear I really love.

  2. A nice pair of earrings, too!

  3. Wish I was twenty again!

  4. Fabulous!! Hi Stana, May this be the start of a new wave of new menswear, it's time to let the feminine men take the stage in this world and have true Equality in Fashions with NO gender in clothing. This youg man looks fabulous and shows that men can wear feminine clothing and look great.

  5. Nice look, hate the shoes but I suppose they anchor this young man to masculinity.

  6. I could really go for an outfit like that. I would get a different pair of shoes. Max is an awesome young man and brave to further men's right to dress as he desires.