Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pejic in Time

Andrej Pejic

Photography John Paul Pietrus

The much esteemed periodical devotes an extended article to the celebrated "femiman".
Pejic is the groundbreaking gender-bending male model who is continually challenging gender prejudices as he models both menswear and womenswear around the world.

He explains that his ambiguous identity is “something I love to play with, and I like to leave it open to artistic interpretation. It’s interesting to see how people react; whether they embrace it or are threatened by it.”

“People seem to think that I’m doing something extraordinary. Everyone perceives it the way they want to: an androgynous boy will be like, ‘I’m you.’ A gay person will be like, ‘Oh, he represents gays,’ and a transsexual person says, ‘He represents transsexuals.’  ”

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  1. Saw the first picture and could never believe that this woman is a HE! Gosh! But anyway, wonderful!