Friday, July 8, 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier A/W 2011

Autumn/ Winter 2011



  1. Too bad... you should have mentioned that it is the Couture collection... the skirt on the first picture that I would have bought right-away will probably cost a fortune... :'-(

  2. Thanks for pointing that down, Marc. I entirely overlooked that fact. I'll correct it. Anyways, whatever Mr. Gaultier presents should be considered "Couture", and "très haute" couture at that! And also, as you remark as well, "à prix élevé"... normally very "élevé"!

    As for me, since I make my own clothing, I could make something for myself inspired by his designs, only that at a reasonable price. Although I never "copy" as a rule, this bold and beautiful collection could engender some "jupe" of my own designing...

    Thanks for the comment!