Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Whispering Charm

On and on

Photography Michal Mralkovsky

Madox (born Marcin Majewski), the rising Paris-based Polish performer, is bowling over the pop-music world, not only because of his performances, but also because of the explicit contents of his vids, as well as his unusual looks and his ambiguous sexual identity. 

He has recently released a new video, as a sequel to his much debated debut recording.

His alluring androgyny extends to his delicate singing falsetto voice and his rustling, sexy whispering of a French text.

Musician Marcin Pawłowski (Pawbeats) backs his namesake in this absolutely entrancing musical adventure. The film was signed by Maciej Sanik.

Let him hold you spellbound, just as he did with me, simply by clicking "play":



Madox's previous, controversial video  

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