Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stav the Star

Several young and rising male models who are just coming into prominence seem to be staying clear of the beaten path and willing to undertake adventuresome escapades into the realm of androgyny, or at least less conventional and bolder male fashions. 

They may be following the path cleared by Andrej Pejic and other so-called "femimen", who model apparel which, by traditional standards, is entirely feminine, often verging on transvestism (a term I wish fell into obsolescence: everyone should feel free to wear whatever he or she pleases... and that's that!).
For instance, this image of Andrej published by Zeit Magazine (see: Homely Atmosphere

Or they may follow example set by the likes of Luke Worrall, for instance, who dives into gender ambiguity and out again with total ease and naturalness, often displaying unusual and very creative stylings, like the fetish icon shown above, by Nicola Formichetti.

Among those rapidly rising stars, I've been quite impressed by the talent of the gorgeous Russian beau Stav Strashko, seen here in several poses taken from separate sources.

Just… Wow.YESHAREL BARON Stav Strashko. He is just a pretty, pretty, gorgeous boy… :)A photo from the video “I Won’t Let Go” by Monarchy (, starring Stav Strashko. :)So. Very. Perfect. :)

Stav Strashko

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